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floral macro

My first thought when I see many orchids is not “Ooh, how pretty!” Instead, I usually think they look like monsters.


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african violet macro

Library Revisited

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floral macro photo

Lightning Fail

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streaks of highway lights

There was tons of excellent lightning last night. I captured one bolt miserably. So miserably, I’m not using that shot.

turtle crossing the road in the rain

But as a make-up for missing a day, you get a bonus turtle! The poor thing was stopped in the middle of the road and I almost ran it over. Then I shot it instead. I was trying to not destroy my new camera in the rain though, so I didn’t get much.

Itsy Bitsy

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spider + web macro image

My titles aren’t getting more creative. I also missed a day but I’m not letting that stop me.

Manager’s Special

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This is my favorite donut from DD: chocolate, glazed, frosted, with sprinkles. Nom nom nom.

Starts with F

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Classic firetruck

Firetruck from classic car show outside Ihop. Pun points if you know the joke the title references.


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close-up of a rabbit face

One of my rabbits, Aspen. This is part documentation of possible mites, and part “disapproving animal” shot. Rabbits, while adorable, make great disapproving shots because of their mouth shape.

My Neighbor Funtak-o

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macro photo of Funtak that looks like Totoro

I found some Funtak on the wall on my lunch break. This one looked like Totoro, the Miyazaki character.

Big is Better

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Cheeburger Cheeburger jar closeup

Mango Watermelon Lemonade in a jar at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I ordered Pineapple Iced Tea, this was my friend’s drink.